Wood Fired Pizza Ovens


When selecting your wood fired oven, four important factors must be considered:  position, fuel, flue and outside décor. Verona Ovens offer you great flexibility in positioning a wood fired oven, with different sizes to choose from.

The attraction of a cheerful fire, the aroma of wood-smoked freshly baked food, makes Verona Ovens a unique centrepiece in your restaurant, outdoor entertaining area or home. Our ovens can be built freestanding, built into a dome shape or a surrounding wall from floor to ceiling to cover the flue system.

The second factor to consider is whether you wish to burn wood only, or combine wood/gas. Wood is the traditional fuel and it creates a hot and cheerful fire. Using wood to meet your cooking needs is an environmentally sustainable fuel source. You will need a reliable source of dry hardwood.

Gas is an easy to use fuel and has the advantage of a thermostat that regulates and maintains consistent temperature.
The tested gas unit can be configured for Town Gas, Natural Gas or LPG. For gas operation you will need a 240v 10A 50Hz power supply, although a special gas system can be supplied.

The flue system is placed directly onto the specially designed smoke outlet. With the natural flow of the smoke, the flue can be connected to a dedicated flue system or into an exhaust system.


For easy maintenance and cleaning purposes, construction of a flue system is preferably installed in a vertical position.


The outside décor of your oven can be finished in many different ways and in any unique shape. Styling to compliment any décor, details to architectural specifications or a simple traditional brick finish.


Verona Ovens can assist you with design and installation specification or we will build the complete oven for you, ready for tiling or painting.

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