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Wood Fired Pizza Ovens



Verona Ovens originated in the small town of Quaama NSW Australia. The founder of Verona Ovens, Alex Bonetti created the family owned business in 1992 and provided many quality wood fired ovens with customer satisfaction a must!

The first prototype wood fired oven was created in 1992. We can offer you 6 commercial and 3 domestic models. Special sizes are available upon request.

A Verona Oven is a unique centrepiece in your restaurant, outdoor entertaining area or home. Our products are extremely versatile from the simple and traditional to our sleek and ultra modern design. Verona Ovens not only look good, they're more functional, with the absolute minimum cleaning required to maintain their great look.

Today we use the very latest in technology to develop all our products and to give you top of the range features. Years of research go into the design of Verona Ovens and our products pass through stringent quality control tests. Verona Ovens are made from the most durable materials, so you can depend on them.

Verona Ovens has always managed to maintain attractive pricing for every budget. They are extremely economical in wood consumption and Verona Ovens can offer you the best durable oven in its class.

All our ovens cook food beautifully and quickly, less than five minutes for a delicious pizza. Explore the real taste of pizzas, bread, casseroles, roasts, chickens, seafood and more. The applications are as endless as your imagination.

As the New Owners we endeavour to provide the family owned and operated quality and customer satisfaction for the next 30years!

Cheers Glen and Stacey.

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